Aerospace and Defense Products

ST's offering areospace and defense comprises two distinct product categories Space products & RobuST products.
Electronics in space applications are subjected to high levels of radiation from high-energy particles (heavy ions). ST proposes a large portfolio of products specifically designed, packaged, tested and qualified so they comply with the standards for aerospace defined by the qualifying agency. ST has supported European aerospace applications since 1977, being the first company qualified by the ESA (European Space Agency) since the agency’s inception. ST has broadened its efforts by qualifying products according to the American QML-V RHA (Radiation Hardness Assurance) and JAN S standards (of the US DLA - Defense Logistics Agency), Today, ST is proud to be the sole company worldwide qualified for both American and European standards.
ST has defined a category of products, called RobuST products, that cater to the needs of more demanding applications. While not specifically designed for the defense industry these products have characteristics, quality management and a life-cycle management policy which make them suitable for many applications in avionics and defense.
Product Grade Temerature Range Qualified ELFR and sub ppm quality PPAP available Extended PCN/PTN Rad-hard
-55℃ to 125℃
* * * *
-40℃ to 125℃
/ 150℃
(-55℃ Optional)
AECQ100 / 101 * * *  
Automotive -40℃ to 125℃
/ 150℃
AECQ100 / 101 * *    
Commercial & Industrial -40℃ to 85℃ ST