EMI SOLUTIONS PVT LTD., is dedicated first and foremost to the production of the highest quality EMI / EMC products to meet the needs and demands of our customers while achieving an acceptable return on investment. This shall be realized through continuous communication between management, employees, suppliers, and customers and by discreet investments to improve the processes, systems, equipment and use of human resources.

Single Phase Filters

EMIS having a wide range of single phase AC/DC EMI/RFI filters up to 250Amps with Voltage 110/250 VAC for various applications like UPS, SMPS, VFD, MEDICAL, Home Appliances etc. Our Single Phase filters have high performance double stage & filter with attenuation for both Common mode and Differential mode noise from lower frequencies. Our single phase filters are available in different enclosure like PCB mountable, Cylindrical Filter in Metal & Plastic enclosure, Flat Design, IEC Inlet with Fuse, without fuse & with Fuse & Switch. High Performance cost effective filter for General purpose.

Three Phase Filters

We have wide range of Three Phase filters & Output filters current rating up to 2500 Amps with voltage 440/520 and 690 VAC. We have a High performance filter with three stage filter three wire + neutral with shock proof terminal panel mount, Bookshelf design, DINRAIL mount, Foot Print design, Bus Bar design etc. General Purpose, Cost effective Three phase Filters.

Chamber filters with EMP Protection

EMIS launched a new range of filters for HEMP suppression. High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse is generated during the Atomic explosion or internationally during the modern electronic warfare. HEMP filters with 80db to 100db attenuation in the frequency range of 14 KHz to 40 Ghz are available. These filters are manufactured as per MIL 188-125-1 and 2. These filters have been tested for MIL 188-125-1 at a reputed laboratory. Specialized filters for MRI, EMC filter, Telephone line, Control and Data line are also manufactured by EMIS. High performance Chamber Filters - Single/Three Phase.

Power Feed through Capacitors & Filters

EMIS launches a new range of Feedthrough capacitors and Feedthrough filters which are used for suppressing EMI noise in various applications like, Telecommunications, Shielded Rooms, Medical Equipment, Electrical/ Electronics equipments, Renewable energy plants etc. The Feedthrough by EMIS provides High insertion loss (attenuation) to the wide range of frequency up to 1 GHz. The Feedthrough capacitors and Feedthrough filters are in compliance with standard CAN/CSA-E60384-14:09 EMIS also provides feedthrough filters and capacitors in multiline configuration (two lines, three lines and four lines). It is also available with surge suppressor. L type and PI type.

Power Surge Protection Devices

EMIS having a wide range of Surge suppressor, Lightning dischargers, voltage protection relay, output ferrite chokes. Our surge suppressor available with Terminal/ Flexible wire & DINRAIL mount single phase and three phase with 3 / 4 wire. High Energy Surge/Lightning Protector.

Other EMC Components

Potted & unpotted choke coils for EMI suppresion

Cylindrical Type

Cylindrical Filter in Metal and Plastic can with stud Mount.

* Available in Faston Terminals with stud mount
* Available in Flexible Leads with stud mount

IEC Inlet Filter

Compact Filter with IEC inlet connector in screw mountable configuration.

* IEC inlet without fuse configuration
* IEC inlet with fuse configuration
* IEC inlet with switch configuration
* IEC inlet with fuse & switch configuration